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Medal Of Honor Breakfast – Amazing Experience

January 3rd, 2014

One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had is being able to attend the Medal of Honor breakfast hosted by NewDayUSA. I have never been more humbled by the presence of such great American hero’s. The stories that they’ve experienced and the lives they’ve touched are just beyond my comprehension. The stories of valor and action, of death and torture and coming out in the end alive.


Governor Omalley Brian Coester and 5 Medal of Honor RecipentsThings that I learned.

    1. You don’t know what real struggle or pain is until you are in combat – There’s a difference between serving in the military and being in actual combat that engages with the enemy. Both deserve honor and respect however the distinction was apparent and should be recognized.
    2. No one is tough – Regardless of  the persona people want to project, everyone is a scared child when faced with death all around. People will “fight” or “be in a fight” but if you have to fight everyday for a year and see people get killed all the time, all that goes away and you just want to be at peace. I took a note of this as something to remember when living day to day that in all reality, all “personas” are just a show.
    3. Someone who’s been to war, hates war – The only people who put acts of war or valor on a pedestal are people that have never experienced combat. To the Medal of Honor recipients
    4. , war is disgusting and cruel. War was necessary evil but should be avoided at all costs. They do not put what they did as a “hero” but an inconvenient truth of the cruelty of man. When I talked with some of them about how they compare war with sports or with success they said that its nothing even close. That people need to grow up that war is horrible and not something that should be used for any comparison.
    5. The wars never over for a combat veteran – These men are still fighting and reliving the experiences everyday of there life and it never goes away. They need help and lots of it. Very few come to peace with what they did.

BrianCoester -Adimu Collen Governor OmalleyCourage is all you have – The amazing feats these men did were out of pure courage. One man mentioned crapping his pants and peeing himself as he walked towards the enemy who had a gun to his fellow soldiers head. He was unarmed with a knife and 3 enemy soldiers were going to kill his friend. He said he just kept walking with no idea what would happen but just that he couldn’t leave his man behind to be killed. Those kinds of stories of courage in the midst of all fear is a testament to the human spirit and to never give up.

It was a very humbling experience and I thank Jeff Martin at NewDayUSA for inviting me.

Thank you –







Lessons I’ve Learned in 2013

January 1st, 2014

Apart of the goal setting process is reflection. The common advice that the past is over and too never look back is wrong, it’s in fact the worst thing you can do. Unexamined experiences are exactly how people make the same mistakes over and over-again. The unexaimed life is bound to repeat the same mistakes. I know from my personal experiences that I should have invested more time in my reflection and re-evaluating things before taking a new direction.

Well in 2013 here’s the lessons that I’ve learned: 

  • Tell the truth always as the truth will eventually come out.
  • Fast is not always better, it’s better to slow down a little and get better feedback on results.
  • You’ve got to get your needs met in a relationship and communicate those needs in specific detail.
  • Parenting is the biggest blessing and also the biggest challenge.
  • The right people make all the difference – Kind them and rely on them.
  • Get in the office early, always.
  • Running outside is one of the best things you can do for your soul.
  • You’re mental health is more important then your physical health, however they are connected.
  • Don’t ever let someone demoralize you or not respect you, ever.
  • Take the time to live and experience life in its grandest adventures.
  • Sometimes a good friend is all you need.

I honestly think 2014 will be the best year for me and alot of people and I’m excited to start it.