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All That You Have to be Thankful For – Living a Thankful Life

November 26th, 2014

statue of libertyThanksgiving Day, it’s a time to gather with family and friends, a time to give thanks for the many blessings enjoyed over the past year. It’s a time for reflection, for gratefulness, and for remembrance of the past people that have helped lay the foundation for this country and our lives. It’s a time for us to remember that we have to play our part in helping create a better future for us and our families to enjoy for many generations to come.

It’s a time to slow down and take into account for all the blessings that you enjoy with little or no effort. If you study history you will quickly realize that you were born at one of the greatest times in human history. You enjoy the benefits of roads you didn’t build, books you didn’t write, technologies you didn’t invent. You enjoy the benefits of universities that you didn’t create, laws you didn’t write, and cures you didn’t discover. You enjoy the benefits of thousands of years of wisdom that has been all placed beneath your feet and is within reach of every American. The U.S. has continuously been at the forefront of economic prosperity, medical science, technology, food production, sanitation, architecture and space exploration for the last 100 years. Its citizens enjoy the freedoms of religion, speech marriage and are able to live life as they choose. It allows individuals and families to emigrate from other countries, and enjoy these liberties. It is usually the first country – if not the only one – supporting other nations and people in need. The standard of living for the average American is higher then it’s ever been for anyone in human history, with almost everyone having access to the the ability to live a higher quality of life then the previous generation and certainty with everyone having the opportunity for a better future and to improve their quality of life.

Go anywhere in the world and you will still see the promise of America is still true. Despite the income gap, the increased competition of other countries, the decrease in labor needs because of technology and the continual threat of job loss. Despite all the changes that have taken place over the last 100 years, look around the world and you will still see that America is the place in which all is within reach and that you still have a real chance to turn your dreams into reality. No matter who you are and where you start from you have a chance. Some people may disagree with me on that but I know it’s true as I have personally done it for myself and have seen and helped people achieve their dreams over my life. Start with nothing, start in poverty, start in despair and America still has the promise of a better future for you and your family.

But before you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, or begin watching a parade or football game, be sure to take time to truly be thankful for the national wealth, power and prestige of this nation. Or to take a quote from the bible, “Realize that these material blessings were not given to us because of anything we have done—we do not deserve them. God has bestowed them on us—simply because of His mercy, and His promise to Abraham, the father of the faithful (Gal. 3:6-9)”.

But with great opportunity comes great responsibility. Take some time this Thanksgiving to be thankful and account for all that is around you and created by others, but also take time an account for all that is within you and yet to be created. Take a hard look and see if there’s anything that you can do to create a better future for for yourself, your family and your country. Take this day not only as a time for reflection and thankfulness but also a time for action.
Things to examine:

  • Your Habits – Are they helping or hurting you? What is the one thing you can change that would make a difference?
  • Your Friends – Are they building you up or pulling you down? Who should you be hanging around?
  • Your Work ethic – Are you doing everything you can to get ahead? What can you change that would make a difference?
  • Your Spouse – Are you showing your appreciation for your partner? What can you do over the next month to show them how much you care?
  • Your Family – Are you showing them how much you love them? What are 3 things you can do/stop doing to show your family how much you care?
  • Your Health – Are you taking care of your body?What can you do to improve your health? What can you stop/start doing everyday to improve your health?
  • Your Work – Are you truly earning your paycheck or doing just enough? Can you do more and invest in your future? Can you develop a new skill? What can you do to earn more next year?
  • Your Personal Development – Are you reading the right books and taking the right classes? Are you setting the right goals? List 3 goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the year.

Take out a piece of paper and answer the questions above. Over the next several weeks implement these things into your life and ultimately create a better future for yourself and your family. Let the next Thanksgiving be a celebration of all that you have become and created over the last year and all that you have done for others.

Many thanks,

– B.Coester