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CoesterVMS – Appraiser Spotlight – Sales and Home Prices for Atlanta Market are Up

May 28th, 2017

Appraiser Spotlight-William Shields

Appraiser Spotlight- William ShieldsPreferred appraiser William Shields has been an appraiser for 17 years, and was first introduced to the business by this brother. Bill was interested in the profession years earlier, but decided to make the change and go to school to become an appraiser after selling his auto repair business. As a real estate agent, Bill’s brother helped to establish a mentorship for Bill upon graduation. While there, he worked part time to gain additional experience and knowledge before leaving to work full time for an appraisal company. Located just 15 miles outside of Atlanta, Bill has serviced the market for many years and is grateful for the abundance of work both in and out of the city. From high-rise condos in downtown Atlanta to suburban mobile homes, Bill enjoys the diversity and complexity the ever growing market has to offer. According to Bill, the key to success as an appraiser is to plan for the future and build good relationships, as this is an analytic job that requires ongoing training and concentration.

Atlanta, Georgia Market

Atlanta and the surrounding suburban markets continue to flourish as we move deeper into 2017. According to Live Love Atlanta, 2017 is on track to surpass 2016 in both the number of homes sold and the median sales price.  The number of homes sold experienced a 7.7% increase in 2016, and with Atlanta’s strong economy this increase is expected to continue. Competition fueled by inventory shortages in downtown Atlanta and the North Atlanta suburbs have been a main contributor for the increase in sales price.  According to Qualified Mortgage, home prices rose 10.5% last year and are projected to rise 6.3% by the end of 2017.

About CoesterVMS

CoesterVMS is a nationwide appraisal management company that specializes in providing comprehensive management of appraisal operations for mortgage lenders. CoesterVMS’ in-house appraisal management solution combines the best service with the most advanced technology on the market. CoesterVMS guarantees all appraisal reports to fully comply with all regulations and guidelines. The company’s Cloud Control appraisal management technology is the only software of its kind to be built on the award-winning platform, and its “Coester-Mer” service is earning the company a reputation for the best customer service in the industry. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, CoesterVMS was founded as a local appraisal company and has since grown to a formidable nationwide force in the appraisal management segment. For more information please visit CoesterVMS online at

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