Coest2Coest – Shaun Hamman, Brian Coester and Fritz Schaper – 7 Month Nationwide Road Trip

January 29th, 2018

“Defining factor of successful people is that they are motivated by the grind, not the end game” – Shaun Hamman 

If you weren’t able to tune in to last week’s episode of Coest2Coest, guest speaker Shaun Hamman, Executive Vice President of Specialized Lending for eLEND, discussed the commitment needed for success and his upcoming sales trip across the US.

Shaun and his family recently packed everything up to set out on a 7-month journey to travel the country in an RV to visit clients all around the nation. Please click on the link below to follow Shaun on his upcoming adventure.

Key takeaways from Friday’s Podcast:

  • Shaun, his wife, and 2 daughters are setting off on a 7-month journey across the U.S to not only visit clients and build business relationships but to accomplish a life-long dream of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures.
  • Goal is to visit 20 locations a week
  • Anticipating 4-5 locations a day
  • Take massive action
  • The journey will allow Shaun and his family to introduce themselves to new clientele and will enable them to build better relationships
  • Show commitment to the sales effort, which will drive client commitment in return
  • Commitment to your performance/job
  • Defining factor of successful people is that they are motivated by the grind, not the end game
  • True success is measured as being fulfilled by what you do and is not a monetary value
  • It’s not a job, it’s a passion
  • Find your rhythm
  • Opportunities are invigorating and exciting to discuss, and traveling has shown that endless opportunities are out there
  • Put yourself out there and do things that make you uncomfortable; look at something from a different angle

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