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CoesteVMS and Wave City Cares completes 3rd Annual School Makeover

September 18th, 2018

CoesterVMS - Brian Coester- Wave CityOn Saturday, August 25th  2018 CoesterVMS and Wave City Care partnered for its 3rd annual school makeover for four local schools, just in time for the new school year!

Thoroughgood Elementary, Creeds Elementary, Lindenwood Elementary, and Truitt Intermediate Chesapeake were among the four schools to received aid and assistance to ensure the buildings were ready for the 2018 school year.  The makeover included landscaping, construction, painting, installing chalkboards, power washing, cleaning, and assistance in setting up the classrooms.

“The makeover was complete just in time for the new school year. Over five hundred people came out to make a huge impact on the lives of our youth and the community. It was a really fun day where the community comes together to get their hands dirty and beautify four of our local schools,” said Lydia Wigglesworth-Ballard of Wave City Care.

IMG_0493This year’s makeover marked the 13th year of the event for Wave City Care. Wave City Care is a non-profit that serves the community through educational services, mentorship opportunities, and local community volunteer work. For a breakdown of this year’s School Makeover event, the details have been provided below.

 Thoroughgood Elementary – Virginia Beach

  • Landscaping; filled 90 pots with potting soil and plants
  • Construction
  • Painted 45 classroom doors & accent walls in 40 portables
  • Installed chalkboards in 25 portables
  • Assist teachers with classroom setup

Creeds Elementary – Virginia Beach

  • Cleaned tile walls and door knobs
  • Landscape, mulching grounds
  • Power washing

Lindenwood Elementary – Norfolk

  • Landscaped; cleaned flower beds and mulched front of a building
  • Lay timbers and rubber mulch for playground
  • Painted cabinets, marquee, and blackboard poles
  • Designed and painted a mural
  • Construction; assembled picnic tables

Truitt Intermediate Chesapeake

  • Landscaped gardens in front of the building
  • Painted mural & walls in teachers’ lounge
  • Construction; built of storage sheds
  • Power Wash
  • Decorated bulletin boards & teachers’ lounge

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Comfort Cases – Winter Packing Party

December 18th, 2014

I strongly believe that every company has not only a responsibility to be involved in the community but a privilege to serve. As I say all the time “You don’t have to, you get to” and that it’s a privilege to be in a position to have the opportunity to give back.

I find that giving back enables us to do the following 5 things:

1. Giving gives us prospective – That even though I may think I might not have all that I want, I do have all that I need.

2. Giving gives us joy – Service and love are the keys that open up the door to happiness.

3. Giving allows more to come in – You will find that the more you pour out the more room there is for more in your life, we’ve found that this is true with our professional and personal lives.

4. Giving pays it forward – Your heart starts to feel like you deserve to have good things to happen to you and you walk with a full heart.

5. Giving Creates a higher purpose – It shows you that your life it about more then just yourself or just working day to day.

This year the team came together with over 200 volunteers and we were able to pack and assemble 1,136 cases in one day. We are very proud of all the volunteers and team members at CoesterVMS that supported our charity organization.

Below are some photos from the event:

Full Gallery can be located at

Many thanks,

– B.Coester






The Joy Of Giving Back – Do for One

November 9th, 2013

For the last couple years there’s a quote from speaker Jim Rohn that would constantly replay in my head on a monthly basis about charity and giving back. He said “It’s easier to give $10 away from a hundred then $100,000 from a million”. For whatever reason I thought that no matter how small my giving must, begin now.

This journey started last year when Rob and I decided to donate a Thanksgiving dinner. We met about it, talked about it and then a few weeks after Thanksgiving I asked him how many families we were able to provide food for and he said two. I remember feeling good about it but that we could and should do alot more then that for kids and families in the area.

That Christmas we decided to do it big and partnered up with Adimu from the radio station Majic 102.3 and National Center for Children and Families and did a “Miracle on U Street” toy drive for the NCCF. In total we were able to take in about 2,500 toys for the local foster care program and to say it was a success would be an understatement. On reflection now the reality is that I felt just as good about the 2 then I did about the 2,500 which was a weird observation for me. Looking back I guess the reason was is because I did what I could. The reason we didn’t settle at 2 was because both Rob and I agreed that we could do alot more and 2 wasn’t reflective of all that we could do. One of the things that I hold tight to my heart is that if you have the ability to do more then you have the responsibility to. People that can make things happen, don’t have the choice but rather have a responsibility.

This year we will be doing a comfort case drive. The idea behind comfort case is really getting beyond just toys for Christmas and positively effecting the children’s lives long term. We have partnered with great people and expect it to be a huge success. We have alot of the same people backing this like Adimu, Majic 102.3, NCCF but also have gained the support of several local churches and companies that believe in what we are doing.

Through just a conversation of “we should do something” between Rob and I, turned into we are doing thousands and changing the lives of many. No matter how small of a donation or gift you can make to charity do it. If a penny is all you can do, a penny is enough. If a pencil is all you can donate, a pencil is enough, you don’t have to change the world but if you can do for one what you wish you could do for many, you are a smashing success. If you can touch the heart of one in the name of God, you are worthy of all the praise of the greatest saints.

Do the best you can with you have and you will be more then happy or successful, you will be everything you can be.

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