Tuesday, 14 July, 2020

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Freddie’s Short and Sort Of Sweet Forecast; Rates Much Lower This Week; NFP vs ISM – Appraisal Buzz

November 1, 2019

Mortgage rates held steady today after moving sharply lower yesterday. “Sharply,” in this context, means that many lenders saw rates move lower by as much as an eighth of a percentage point versus the previous morning. Changes of that magnitude are rarely seen in the space of 24-48 hours. In fact, more often than not, entire weeks go by with a 0.125% change in average 30yr fixed rates. The size and speed of the move is interesting in and of itself, but it’s made more interesting by the fact that this week’s most prevalent mortgage rate headlines claimed that rates were actually HIGHER. Rest assured, that’s not the case. So what’s with the misleading headlines? This is actually a fairly common occurrence. It stems from the fact that the industry’s longest-standing and most widely-cited mortgage

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