Wednesday, 15 July, 2020

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Couple strike deal to give pees a chance – outdoors

Urinal Home

Zuccoli home owner Jarrett Sherman enjoys his new outdoor loo after making a deal with his wife Shay. Picture: Glenn Campbell

THE key to any successful marriage is compromise.

And for Palmerston couple Jarrett and Shay Sherman it’s also the secret to a harmonious house build.

When building their Zuccoli home, both had positions they weren’t willing to compromise on.

For Shay, it was a top-of-the-line, $12,000 stove.

And for Jarrett, it was a urinal to whizz in the great outdoors.


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“It was the first thing he said when we started building the house and I thought he meant inside so I was against it,” Shay said.

With her mind on the stove, she forgot about her partner’s request.

“I was stuck on it and forgot about the urinal and we paid for it and got it and he said ‘I get my urinal now’.

“I had to say yes, it was a deal. As soon as it was done he said ‘I knew you forgot about it that’s why I wanted you to get (the stove)’.”

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But it didn’t take long for Shay to turn the corner, realising it was actually a rather smart idea.

“As soon as we actually decided to do it I thought it was great, it doesn’t really bother me,” she said.

“They always pee outside and it kills the grass so it is more sanitary. (Jarrett) plays rugby as well so when he finishes rugby and all the boys are there they won’t be walking through the house and making a mess, they’ll all be outside. I’m pretty happy with that.

“We’ve got a one-year-old and I don’t really want her playing on the ground where they all piss.”

Their request was popular with the project builders.

“It was the first thing he said to the builders when they came around to start building, before he even said how many bedrooms he wanted or anything like that,” she said.

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“They thought it was brilliant.

“All of his friends think it’s hilarious as well, a few of them have asked ‘how did you get that?’ and he said ‘she got a stove’.”

Upon seeing the final product, Jarrett wasn’t disappointed with his dunny.

“All I can say is it’s one for the boys and it’s an absolute ripper,” he said.

“The builder’s done a fantastic job and went above and beyond to make it happen.”