Wednesday, 27 May, 2020

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Radio celeb Jamie Dunn buys ex-wife’s share in rural property

Jamie Dunn and his famous Agro puppet pose in Teneriffe. (AAP Image/Claudia Baxter)

Agro’s packed in an overnight bag and Australian television and radio personality Jamie Dunn is living the good life, moving between the city and the country after buying out his ex-wife’s share in a piece of rural Queensland.

The man behind Australia’s famous puppet Agro from the 90s, lives in an apartment at Teneriffe with his partner Maree, and Agro who sleeps in an overnight bag in the wardrobe.

“We love where we live. Everything is so close in Teneriffe – the river, the shops, the

restaurants,” Mr Dunn told The Sunday Mail.

“Having said that, nothing beats the pace of a country town like Imbil where everyone knows everyone.”

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The home Jamie Dunn owns at Imbil with partner Maree. Photo: Supplied

The couple spend their time between the city and their farm house in Imbil near Gympie.

The property, now named Bella Maree, was settled on July 19 after they purchased the other half of the property from Mr Dunn’s ex-wife for $300,000.

The farm, which has been in the family for 20 years, is on about 12ha and has a timber cottage on it.

One of the items found at Jamie Dunn’s farm house. A Logie award now embedded into a rock wall.

Mr Dunn said about 6ha was cleared and the remainder left as natural bush heading up a steep mountain at the back of the property.

“As the farm is a little run down we’ve started a long but enjoyable process of tidying up with many trips to the dump, repainting, replanting bird attracting foliage and the most thankless task of all, painting the seemingly never ending post and rail fence with sump oil,” he said.

There is much less to do to the apartment in inner city Teneriffe but Mr Dunn says he is ‘lucky’ to be living there too.





“I say lucky because I went broke, then met my beautiful partner Maree, who after a few months of going out together got down on bended knee in the kitchen one night and gave me the key to her apartment,” Mr Dunn said.

According to CoreLogic data the current median unit price in Teneriffe is $587,500, a big jump from Brisbane’s unit price of $410,000.

Known for his Logie-award winning television show Agro’s Cartoon Connection with puppet Ago, Mr Dunn spent years with B105’s Morning Crew, and had a controversial exit with Brisbane station 4BC.

“Now that Maree and I have got ourselves together we have the best of both worlds”, Mr Dunn said.

“When we’re tired of the inner city we’ll head to the farm and vice versa, that’s our life plan”

Jamie Dunn and his famous Agro puppet in Teneriffe, Brisbane. Picture: AP Image/Claudia Baxter.

Mr Dunn told The Sunday Mail Agro generally stayed at home however made the occasional visit to Imbil and some public appearances.

“I spend most days waiting for him to finally come out of the closet,” he said.