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April 19th, 2017

decisionsToday.. Just for today

1. Just for today I will choose and display to the right attitude.

2. Just for today I will determine an act upon important priorities.

3. Just for today I will know and follow healthy guidelines.

4. Just for today I will communicate with friends and family.

5. Just for today I will develop and practice good thinking.

6. Just for today I will keep making and keep proper commitments.

7. Just for today I will earn and properly manage my finances.

8. Just for today I will deepen and live out my faith.

9. Just for today I will initiate and invest in solid relationships.

10. Just for today I will plan for and model generosity.

11. Just for today I will embrace and practice good values.

12. Just for today I will seek and experience improvement.

13. Just for today I will take care of the small so someday someone will trust me with the whole.

Just for today I will manage the decisions and someday I will see the compounding results of several days lived well

CoesterVMS: HousingWire Webinar Follow-up – Future of Appraisal’s 2017

March 30th, 2017

Follow-up on additional questions received from the Housingwire webinar on the future of appraisals in 2017.

CoesterVMS Partners with Wave City Cares to Makeover 4 schools In Virginia for New School Year

September 20th, 2016

ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 20, 2016 – CoesterVMS, a national appraisal management company, partnerned with Wave City Care, a community-based nonprofit, to complete an Extreme School Makeover at four schools in the state of Virginia.

CoesterVMS provided cleaning materials and 40 volunteers to spent a day completing multiple landscape, cleaning and painting projects.

“Children are our greatest gifts, and we are proud to be a part of an effort to ensure they have a safe, clean and beautiful place where they can learn. This helps children develop pride in their school and community,” said Brian Coester, CEO of CoesterVMS. “We want to continue to show our commitment and build lasting relationships in the communities where we have representation.”

The four schools were Independence Middle School, Holland Elemantary School, Norview Elementary School and Great Bridge Intermediate School.

“It was so great to partner with CoesterVMS this year for our 11th Annual School Makeover,” said Sue Fitzgerald, vice president of Wave City Care. “Thanks to their generous support, we were able to assist more schools than ever before with landscaping, painting, cleaning and setting up classrooms so that thousands of children could have the very best start to their school year.”

About CoesterVMS

CoesterVMS is a nationwide appraisal management company that specializes in providing comprehensive management of appraisal operations for mortgage lenders. CoesterVMS’ in-house appraisal management solution combines the best service with the most advanced technology on the market. CoesterVMS guarantees all appraisal reports to fully comply with all regulations and guidelines. The company’s Cloud Control appraisal management technology is the only software of its kind to be built on the award-winning platform, and its “Coester-Mer” service is earning the company a reputation for the best customer service in the industry. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, CoesterVMS was founded as a local appraisal company and has since grown to a formidable nationwide force in the appraisal management segment. For more information please visit CoesterVMS online at



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